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"...They are an absolute Blast! Their live shows are like an aggressive southern gospel church service...Great roots music and natural entertainers."

                                      --Dana Schroyer

                                                     Grit, Grub, and Grind Podcast

Juvenile Characteristics is a 5-piece acoustic/electric band committed to playing our own original music and our favorite covers. The covers we choose to play are songs that we would want to listen to if we were going to see live music. Our original music is written from our hearts based on our experiences and dreams.

Original members, Jason Hummell, Kris Chapman, and Jason Sample started the band in early 2009 and played together for most of 5 years.  In early 2014, they decided to add Mitch Adelman to the mix complementing their unique sound, and in 2019 Geoff Marenchin was added to complete the band. Many changes have accompanied their musical growth over the course of 10+ years including the addition of new instruments,  percussion and more intricate harmonies, but one thing has never changed...the shows are fun and atmosphere is always filled with love!! 

Jason Hummell plays acoustic guitar and adds both lead and background vocals. As the one man rhythm machine, he also provides a unique energy while he keeps tempo playing hi-hat, and kick snare drum.  

Kris Chapman is the driving energy force that leads Juvenile Characteristics with sweet vocals on both melodies and harmonies. Chappy is also known to throw down some impressive dance moves while playing a mean tambourine.

Jason Sample makes his presence felt on the low end of the musical register. As the bass man, he provides his energy through the upright bass, electric bass, and kick bass drum. You will also hear him adding to the mix with bass vocals.

Mitch Adelman adds to the unique sound with the pedal steel, lead electric guitar and slide guitar. His musical ability has driven the band to many new experiences and challenges.

Geoff Marenchin is the newest addition to the JC family, adding to the chaos with his incredible percussion skills. Geoff is a life-long musician, and his knowledge and experience has proved to be invaluable!!






Origin:  Sharon, PA


Genres:  Americana, Folk, Roots Rock


Years Active:  2009- Present


Label:  Independant



"Shebango, my friend Jason Hummell and his band throw down some great live music to bounce your feet and sling a few beers to..."


- Matt Perna - Kangen Water

For us, the live experience is what we thrive on, promoting the peace and love that has shaped our lives. We encourage you to check out a live show, however, in the meantime, we hope this will serve as an opportunity for us to provide you with the musical aspect of the experience with Juvenile Characteristics.


                                                                                             Thanks, much peace and love

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